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Jedrick popped his neck and stood up, causing the servants to scatter from the throne of the “Dragon King”. He rolled his eyes and popped his back with a groan, slightly sore. His bright hazel eyes snapped to the doors as one of his personal servants approached.

Walking down the steps, he nodded, silently asking what was going on.

" Y-your majesty, y-you have a visitor." He stuttered.

Jedrick quirked a brow. “Well. What are you waiting for, bring them in?” He said softly.

If Jedrick wasn’t paying attention at the beginning of the presentations, he was sure as hell paying attention as the little horse was brought in. A gasp escaped his throat and the servants seemed to sigh in relief as his eyes lit up. He looked like a child when the foal was brought to him, grinning and running his palm down it’s muzzel. ” Oh my…Male or Female?” He said quietly, still paying attention to the young creature.

Alice smiled. She walked over to the young horse which nuzzled her hand.

"It’s a girl," She said. "I assure you, she will be a strong horse when she is fully grown. For now, she’s a sweetheart who enjoys being petted and who also likes having her mane brushed."

The King’s smile never left his face as he crouched in front of the foal. ” Hello there.” He said quietly, his eyes softening. “Think I will call you… Bright heart.” Jedrick muttered, looking into the young horse’s eyes.

"A lovely name sire," Alice smiled. "I will retire to my hotel until you call for me. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you."

Alice nodded to her attendants who got read to leave.

He nodded, looking at the knights that flanked her. They escorted her out of the city. He looked at a servant, who shook under his gaze. ” She seemed nice. Should I invite her to help me tomorrow?” The servant looked at him.

"I-if it pleases your majesty. You do mean with the-"

“Dragon? Yes. I think he will enjoy her presence.” The servant quaked at the mention of the beast who dwelled in the mountain.

"Madame, are you sure this is wise?" One of Alice’s attendant’s asked.

"What?" Alice looked at herself in the mirror. "I’m just having dinner with him. Besides, I want to stay on his good side. You saw how angry he got when we gave him the sword."

"But he’s dangerous!"

"I don’t think is," Alice said as she put on a necklace. "I’m ready. Call my carriage."

Jedrick bared his teeth at the mirror. ” Are you sure about this, sire?” A servant asked, motioning toward his attire, which was his casual vest and blouse with a pair of dress pants.

“Just bring her in and direct her to the dining room.” He growled, walking down the stairs.

Alice sat in the dinning room, waiting for the king. Everyone seemed so scared of him. She wasn’t sure why. Either way, she had to wait.

Jedrick walked down the staircase, and, again, caused the servants to scatter like ants. Markings were just barely visible on his throat as he sat down. ” I see that you decided to come as planned, Miss Alice.” He rumbled.

littleredpyrohood asked:

*creeps up behind him like a cat*



Jedrick sits unaware, drawing on a notebook. His hair was down again, and he was in a wife beater and a pair of loose fitting pants. He hummed a song that sounded like it was from Lord Of The Rings.

((He’s being a nerd.))

"Think fast!" He heard a fit of familiar giggles burst out behind him and felt a pair of small arms wrap around his torso in a soft pounce. The little pyro placed her head on his shoulder and smiled at him. "Hi Jed."

Jedrick gasped and jumped slightly before realizing who it was. ” Ignis, you dork.” He chuckled, hair floofing up slightly.

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lithiom's ear twitch "i just wanted to see if there was any left over body parts they didn't want. guess that was a mistake huh?"

"I’d say so. Sometimes you just have to find your own." He growled. "Some Medics are like that."

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